Is it possible to apply the life lessons we learn as parents to professional work situations? Greg Brenner believes there is!

Greg Brenner, known as the “HR DAD” is the Vice President of Talent and Organizational Development at the fantastic University of Miami Health System – UHealth. He is a a thought leader whose mission is to serve and inspire others so that people can grow. Greg is obsessed with building great work environments so that people can succeed in all facets of their life.

If you are a CEO, HRDirector, Manager, or supervisor, you won’t want to miss today’s discussion.

Here are a few highlights:

As new parents we ask the following questions:

  • How to bring somebody into this world?
  • How do you nurture them?
  • How do you hold them accountable?
  • How do you teach them values and things of that nature?

As leaders we may ask:

  • How do we integrate new employees?
  • How do we nurture them in the organization?
  • How do we hold them accountable?
  • How do we ingrain proper values our colleagues?

What can leaders do to more fully connect with their people right now?

Why is personal connection, with the personal touch, so vital to day and going forward?

Get the answers to these questions and so much more by listening to the full episode.

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