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Bring Dr. Elia to your next event

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Knowledge without application is really just education.

Dr. Elia’s talks have been characterized as outstanding, practical and life changing.

He has helped thousands of people both in their careers and in their relationships to achieve success and better work-life balance. As a keynote speaker he frequently presents at international conferences and Universities focusing on corporate wellness, mental health, positive leadership, building trust & loyalty, and building resilience and agility.



Positive leadership directly shapes organizational behaviors in concrete and measurable ways. As a leader, you directly influence the behaviors of others, ether positively or negatively, and a positive leader not only inspires others, but he/she has the ability to identify and also attract the best employees. Positive leadership also fosters both creativity and ownership in those they oversee. If you want a prominent, noticeable culture of trust and collaboration to identify your company, then becoming a positive leader is the pathway for you.

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There is a direct connection in business between loyalty and exceeding expectations. In both customer service and in overall organizations, building a culture of trust and loyalty is fundamental for success. Learning how to practice “HOT” (Honest, Open, and Transparent) communication creates a culture of trust in both your employees and even your stakeholders. But it always starts at the top with you, the leader. Learning techniques to consistently exceed expectations as a manager and a company, will help you stand out against the competition and WOW your customers every single time!

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Although the world is now completely interconnected, individuals are still vulnerable to feeling isolated, frightened, and overwhelmed at the challenges they are called to face in light of recent global events. Leaders are pushed to leave behind old comfort zones and manage new situations that raise both their employees’ and their own anxiety levels. Helping your employees understand and manage their wellbeing and mental health is not an “extra” anymore, it is mandatory in order for your organization to thrive in these turbulent times.

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Resilience and agility are now more than ever, considered to be the cornerstone of an empowered workforce. Employees who possess those two skills flourish; they demonstrate stronger commitment, more creativity, and greater confidence in themselves. This in turn, means that they are more productive and willing to take on greater challenges. Learn the basic steps to help your employees develop their resilience and build their agility, and create a more empowered, innovative, unified workforce.

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Happiness is a choice, but only if you get the correct information and apply those principles; it’s all about taking action! Based upon the latest research, this session will help you learn the tools you need to create a positive work environment and a happy workforce. People, including your employees and your customers, want to thrive, not just survive these days, and happiness is a skillset that can be learned. Some of the keys include: a focus on love, being grateful, forgiving yourself and others, living with passion and purpose, becoming service minded and creating happy relationships. Finding happiness is urgent – our entire wellbeing depends on it! Begin that journey today.

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“Dr. Elia sincerely cares about others and has a talent for helping people catch the vision of their potential. His optimistic outlook and personable manner have a positive impact on those with whom he associates.”

Quinn Remund
Ph.D. Principal Systems Engineer, Ball Aerospace

“Dr. Elia is a superb teacher and an excellent speaker for both small and large groups. I recommend Dr. Gourgouris as a first-class professional with valuable insights, extensive clinical practice and a problem-solving aptitude.”

W. Kenneth Thiess
CEO, Parker, CO


About Trust and Loyalty
How can exceeding expectations engender trust and loyalty?

Hold on to Joy
Why is it important to hold on to the “golden moments” of life?

The Gap Between Reality and Expectations
How can closing the gap between reality and expectations, even exceeding expectations, lead to joy?

The Four Personality Types
What are the four personality types of a crisis? Brief clip describing the “Victim,” “Critic,” “Bystander,” “Navigator.”

Making Decisions
How can making decisions from a fear perspective impact our lives and organizations?

Is it Danger or is it Fear
How do we deal with multiple crisis as the same time?

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    “Excellent session to remind us all that being positive in challenging times shows strength, courage, and helps to move not only ourselves forward, but others forward too.” Bank of America