“As the CIO of a $3.8 billion company, I brought
Dr. Gourgouris on board to assist us in our leadership transformation journey. With his even-handed demeanor and deep interpersonal skill sets, I have seen him transform people and organizations that were deemed unsalvageable.”

Steve Smith
former CIO of Orbitz and TBC Corporation

“It would be impossible to count all the ways that Dr. Elia has helped numerous entrepreneurs and organizations in India and across the Globe.”

Abhinav Sharma
Senior Vice President
Leadership Hiring & Talent Acquisition

“Dr. Elia sincerely cares about others and has a talent for helping people catch the vision of their potential. His optimistic outlook and personable manner have a positive impact on those with whom he associates.”

Quinn Remund
Ph.D. Principal Systems Engineer, Ball Aerospace

“Dr. Elia is a superb teacher and an excellent speaker for both small and large groups. I recommend Dr. Gourgouris as a first-class professional with valuable insights, extensive clinical practice and a problem-solving aptitude.”

W. Kenneth Thiess
CEO, Parker, CO

“Dr. Elia helped us focus on what was important from a human resource perspective and helped us understand how to get maximum effort out of our people. I would highly recommend him to others looking to focus their efforts.”

Robin Bradbury
CEO, Re|Solution

“Dr. Elia Gourgouris is a man who is committed to your success. He has touched the lives of many with his talents in writing, speaking, coaching, and as a therapist. I highly recommend Dr. Gourgouris to you, your company, your group or organization.”

Dave Vorwaller

“Exceptional speaker! Dr. Elia was extremely personable; relatable and gave excellent advice on how to control your own happiness!”

Bank of America

“During the past ten years, I have referred more than 50 people to Dr. Elia Gourgouris for coaching. Without exception, the results have been superb. Dr. Gourgouris is a brilliant coach, an outstanding speaker, and a gifted professional.”

Wayne Boss
Ph.D., Professor, University of Colorado, Leeds School of Business

“Thank you very much for the great presentation to WIC (Women in Consulting) last week. It’s such a pleasure to have an enjoyable presentation that also has real meat in it.”

Kay Paumier
Content Strategist & PR Consultant, Communications Plus

“Since your session, I have really been focusing on not procrastinating my own happiness and to live my best life now. I’ve also shared with several others that love, kindness, and respect is what should be driving our every action. I appreciate you also sharing that it’s not selfish to practice self-care. Thank you for being with us for the session–I am so thankful for the positivity that I walked away with that day.”

Angi Roberts
Association Manager, Women In Consulting