Bank of America Webinar July 2020

Dr. Gourgouris was an absolutely outstanding speaker and the topic was timely and engaging.

Coaching and Leadership DevelopMent

1) As the CIO of a $3.8 billion company, I brought Dr. Gourgouris on board to assist us in our leadership transformation journey. What I learned along the way was that true success cannot be measured in merely dollars and cents or tasks accomplished, it must also be measured in the intangible ability to truly lead and inspire people to accomplish the mission or objectives of the organization and its leadership. To accomplish this, leadership must be applied at every level of an organization, people must be trained, educated, coached and mentored to perform at their peak level of collaboration and contribution. Very rarely do the stars align and this level of synergy occur on its own.

In my experience of over 20 years of senior leadership with Fortune 500 companies, I have met only a few select individuals who possessed the insight and skill sets to provide the leadership to achieve this level of transformation. Dr. Gourgouris is one of those individuals. He brings equal parts of coach, mentor and educator, serving as an organizational Sherpa to guide your team to new levels of collaboration and success. With his even-handed demeanor and deep interpersonal skill sets, I have seen him transform people and organizations that were deemed unsalvageable. Navigating the complexities of organizational politics and interpersonal issues, Dr. Gourgouris demonstrated time and time again his skill set and experience in creating high performance organizations and cultures. I would welcome the opportunity to partner with him again in any of my leadership and organizational development endeavors. He is the consummate professional!

Steve Smith, former CIO of Orbitz and TBC Corporation

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