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Tags: #happiness #7 Keys to Navigating a Crisis


Our guest for this episode of The Small Business Show is Dr. Elia Gourgouris.

Dr. Elia is the author of the #1 best-selling Amazon book, 7 Paths to Lasting Happiness. He recently co-authored the highly acclaimed and quite timely book 7 Keys to Navigating a Crisis. In addition, he is an Internationally known keynote speaker and happiness expert, specifically focusing on Corporate Wellness. He graduated from UCLA and holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Finally, Dr. Elia is a Founding Partner of The Global Institute for Thought Leadership (GIFT).

Key take away from this episode

1) What are the 4 personality types when dealing with a crisis?
2) Why is practicing Self-Care so vital
3) Resilience/flexibility/adaptability-tell us more about their value
4) How/why are happiness and kindness the key to success

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