Media: Thrive Global
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The case for a 4-day work week.

I received a call from a client one day wanting to talk about a new employee that recently joined his team. My client was worried that this employee was getting into bad habits because of her work schedule – she would come into the office by 9:00 am every morning and leave by 4:00 pm.

Me: So, how has she been performing? Has she been getting the job done?

Client: Oh yes! She’s been doing very well. The clients and her coworkers love her!

Me: So, what’s your concern?

Client: Well, we all stay here till 6:00 pm or later every day and she doesn’t!

Me: But she gets the same amount of work done or even more sometimes?

Client: Yes. What should I do?

Me: Hire 10 more just like her!!!

In most western countries the established work week has been set at 40 hours. Still, many ambitious workers pride themselves for going beyond that mark to “work” 60, 70, or even more hours a week. They even wear it as a badge of honor! But are they really being productive?