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1. Self-care: How can we take care of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs and their impact on our overall health and happiness! I will share the Personal Health Assessment (PHA), which looks at all 4 of those areas in detail. I’ve attached it so we can share it during the presentation and make it available to the participants as a free gift.

2. Awareness self-reflection and listening to our intuition or inner wisdom are practices that give us advance notice. It’s all about trusting that voice inside and then acting on its messages. The quicker the better!

3. Flexibility allows us to adapt, pivot and show resiliency as we face life’s challenges. Life will never be the same again. If we stick to business as usual, we’ll be left behind.

4. Preparation is key to our success.

5. Initiative is required to help us move into action, and we need to consciously choose which type of response we want to take. We will discuss the 4 Personality types when dealing with challenges: Do we react as victims, critics, bystanders or thriving navigators?

6. Positive Attitude choosing hope and positivity can help us overcome any situation and obstacle we face. It also helps elevate those around us, as they look for leadership, comfort and a clear vision of how to get through these challenges.

7. Kindness is the humanity we show to others! Simple acts of kindness infused with empathy and compassion can make all the difference both to the giver & the receiver. A call to action: be kind as an individual and as an organization.

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