Media: News 10 Oregon
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Be a palm tree, fear is not our friend, and choose happiness

Trish Glose interviews Dr. Elia Gourgouris, also known as “The Happiness Doctor.” Dr. Elia is the president of The Happiness Center, an organization that’s “dedicated to helping others find personal success and happiness.” The two talk about his work as a clinical psychologist for nearly 20 years before he says the job was starting to burn him out, both physically and emotionally. He recalls that “ah-ha” moment when he decided he desperately needed a change in his life. Through The Happiness Center, he’s helped thousands of people achieve happiness and fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.

He’s the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book, “7 Paths to Lasting Happiness,” and most recently co-authored, “7 Keys to Navigating a Crisis : A Practical Guide to Emotionally Dealing with Pandemics & Other Disasters.” He says that book, which he wrote with Konstantinos Apostolopoulos, came straight from the heart due to the current chaos happening in the world. He gives insight on how to start down the path to happiness, how to apply what you learn to your life, and some lessons he learned from his Greek grandfather and mother. It’s a fun, light-hearted, and eye-opening interview about what we can do to change our lives today.