Now on the air: Season 2 – Episode 3: Nyeesha Williams – Self-Care, Self-Awareness, and Unapologetic Truth-Telling

Nyeesha D. Williams – a master of what it takes to improve #mentalhealth, grow through #personaldevelopment, and unleash inner #creativity, #happiness and #peace!

Nyeesha has conquered multiple Goliaths including:

  • Being born to teenage parents
  • Being raised in the inner-city projects in drug-infested neighborhoods
  • Having a drug dealer father who was in and out of prison
  • Being neglected by her mother
  • Being sexually assaulted
  • Having her identity stolen
  • Taking her parents to court to fight for custody of her younger siblings and winning

Most would be crushed by such challenges, but not Nyeesha. She’s used her challenges as stepping stones!

Nyeesha uses her magnificent voice, through her books and her speaking to encourage people world-wide to learn proper self-care and self-awareness, to use their own voice, to speak their truth unapologeticly, and conquer their own Goliaths!

We invite you to listen to Nyeesha’s soul-touching story of triumph in the face of adversity!

Take a listen, you’ll be glad you did!

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