We all know “one size fits all” just doesn’t cut it when it comes to self-care, and boy do we need self-care right now!. While we all have the same basic needs as human beings, we each have our unique likes and dislikes.  We each respond differently to different methodologies and situations.

So what can we do?

Dr. Marilyn Scott joins us today on The Kindness and Happiness Connection Podcast to share her wonderful insights to self care from meditation, to proper breathing, to aroma therapy and more.

Dr. Marilyn is a Motivational Expert, Speaker and Feel Better Consultant. She has a flair for the Amazement in Life. Her Book, “Be Amazing! Powerful Results Are Just a Leap Away!” has been a powerhouse for those seeking a happier, more amazing life. She hosted a YouTube show called “Healthy Living with Marilyn,” which aired Thursday nights simulcasting on her Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Take a listen! You”ll be glad you did.

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