Best selling author, acclaimed musician, speaker, coach, podcast host – huge teamwork advocate all wrapped into one amazing man – Dr Pelè Raymond joins us, Dr. Elia Gourgouris – The Happiness Doctor and Randy McNeely The Kindness Giver.  Named after one of the greatest soccer players (if not thee greatest) of all time, Dr. Pelè, who readily admits he’s no soccer player, lives up to the greatness of his namesake.

You won’t want to miss his story of:

👉🏾 How he got the name Pelè in the first place;
👉🏾 How he survived a bloody civil war in his home country of Nigeria as a little child;
👉🏾 How his mother’s songs helped to stave off hunger and give him his first lessons in the power of music to bring happiness.
👉🏾 How he uses the powerful elements of music to build harmonious teams today
👉🏾 And so much more….

Take a listen – You’ll be glad you did!

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