Messages of hope – we can all use them right now.

Today you have the chance to listen to one.

Enter Joseph Saheb Youssef, raised by a single mother from the age of 2, Joseph had the blessing of having his loving mother and wonderful grandparents to help him learn the meaning of hard work and above all integrity. By the age of 15 he formed a professional band. At 17 he left India and emigrated to Australia where he went to school and worked his way up through life the help of wonderful mentors.

I invite you to join my amazing co-host, Dr. Elia Gourgouris – The Happiness Doctor and myself, Randy McNeely – The Kindness Giver as we share a delightful conversation with this wonderful man.

There something for everyone:

1) Are you a single mother, or a grandparent? Listen and learn how your example can be a tremendous influence for good.

2) Are you wondering how you can “seize the day!” Listen and learn how continuous, life-long learning can enhance your abilities and opportunities.

3) Are you struggling to find happiness during the current pandemic? Listen and learn how giving kindness can lead to happiness, even in challenging times.

Listen and learn – all of the above and so much more.

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