In today’s episode of The Kindness and Happiness Connection Podcast, we had the privilege of interviewing the amazing Rachel Beck.

Rachel Beck, author of Finding Your Way When Life Changes Your Plans and international award-winning photographer, owned and ran a photography business in the Midwestern United States for eight years, before becoming a full-time writer. Looking through the lens of her camera, she developed a unique perspective for dealing with the myriad boulders life has thrown her way, and now weaves her vision into words.

Rachel’s uncommon life story began when was born an orphan in a remote village in India who was later adopted and raised by a white Jewish family in America. An eternal optimist, she holds a Bachelors of General Studies with Minors in Psychology and Gender Studies and keeps one goal in her heart: that her stories inspire and help out as many people as she can before she leaves this planet.

Join us as Rachel shares her story of graduating from the University of Adversity and provides practical insights, tips, and guidance on how you can too!

Take a listen, you’ll be glad you did!

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